Balloon Invaders AR - Pop Balloons In Your Room 🎈

A classic balloon shooting game for kids to shoot the balloons that have invaded the living room 🎈.

The game uses Augmented Reality to spawn balloons around you. Look around to find them. Once the balloons appear, pop them with a tap!
There are multiple kinds of balloons, having different colours and points. Pop as many balloons as you can before the time gets over.

Planets AR - A Guide to our Solar System 🚀

Welcome to Planets AR! 🚀

🌟 View the planets in front of you via Augmented Reality or see them in the night sky with stars in 3D mode.
🌟 See detailed information about each of the planets in the View Info tab.
🌟 Learn amazing facts about each of the planets.
🌟 An immersive AR experience to help the kids learn faster!

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